About Us

Who We Are

TCM Simple was originally a project supported by China Education Center. In 2012, a group of international students studied in TCM universities in China decided to help promoting TCM to the rest of the world. A TCM section was set up in China Education Center. Since then, many helpful contents in TCM education, development and more have been created.

In April 2020, the TCM section becomes a new website – TCM Simple. All contents are provided by international students who had studied TCM in China and have their careers in Chinese medicine.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide easy to understand information about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Many people want to give Chinese medicine a try, but have concerns about how TCM works as they don’t understand the basic concepts of Chinese medicine. While visiting our website, you will gain quick knowledge about Chinese medicine perspectives.

Not everyone believes in the scientific basis for traditional Chinese medicine. TCM takes on a more holistic approach, while western medicine usually diagnoses the symptoms. Many people are convinced by the benefits of TCM after they try. For those who are new to TCM, the first thing that comes to their minds is this question - is TCM safe? The answer is yes, it is very safe. TCM has its own medical licensing and clinic management systems. There are many TCM universities and hospitals in China and other countries. TCM professionals are trained in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

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